Organic Extra Virgin Fair Trade Olive Oil Rumi 500ml

Organic Extra Virgin Fair Trade Olive Oil Rumi 500mlmagnifier
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Olive Oils from the land where olive oil first began. All are made from native plants, picked and processed in the naturally organic traditional way for generations.

Nabali Olive oil: The indigenous olive tree of the Palestinian region, it predominates in the western areas and yields a medium to light olive oil with a fruity flavor. Those new to olive oil will quickly become a fan with this one, and those already olive oil connoisseurs will have a new favorite.

Rumi Olive Oil: This olive tree has been maintained and cultivated in the Palestinian region since the era of the Roman Empire. It produces a robust and pungent olive oil. This oil will delight those who enjoy intense flavors that is felt in the throat.

Jenin Olive Oil: is our own special blend of pressed olives from the beginning of the harvest to the end. We call it Jenin because the majority of the small-scale farmers we source from live in villages surrounding the Palestinian city of Jenin. Jenin olive oil This unique oil hosts a diverse range of flavors, from the spicy bite of the early harvest to the mild finish from the end of the harvest. Jenin is our signature olive oil. It will add distinction to any salad, spread or special meal. Jenin Olive Oil offers a fresh green flavor, peppery but with a beautiful buttery finish.

The olives are harvested in the Palestinian West Bank areas of Jenin, Nablus, Salfit, and Ramallah. Just as with wine, olive oil tastes vary from year to year. This is why the vintage is declared on every bottle.

Canaan Fair Trade is committed to sustainable farming practices. They work directly with rural communities in Palestine to bring their traditional products to the international community. Canaan guarantees a fair price to farmers and producers even when markets are low. A fair price or 'living wage' allows producers to cover the cost of harvest and tree maintenance while providing food, shelter, education, and medical care for their families. Canaan also requires that farm workers be paid one-third of the crop in good seasons and one-half of the crop in bad seasons.

Canaan fair trade practices are subject to annual audit and certification by independent third party represented in IMO, Switzerland
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