BABY BJORN Plate and Spoon White and Black

BABY BJORN Plate and Spoon White and Blackmagnifier

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Teach your kids to feed themselves with the BABYBJÖRN® Plate and Spoon. The three-leaf clover shape makes it easier for the child to pick up food with the spoon. The spoon is specially designed for the hands and feeding movements of a child, with a short, easy-to-grip handle that fits both hands. Both plate and spoon are dishwasher safe and FDA approved for food use. Microwave-safe up to 194°F. The BABYBJÖRN® Spoon is also sold separately if you'd like to pick up extra. Like many other BABYBJÖRN® products, the BABYBJÖRN® Plate and Spoon have received prestigious design awards, including Excellent Swedish Design in 2001 in Sweden.


  • The plate's slope and three-leaf clover shape make it easy for the child to pick up food.
  • The rubber edge keeps the plate steady on the table.
  • The shape makes it hard for small hands to grab hold of the plate and throw it on the floor.
  • The outward angle of the edge keeps the plate in place even if the child bangs on it.


  • Short handle that's easy to hold.
  • A notch in the handle keeps the spoon from slipping into the plate.
  • A ring keeps the hand from sliding down too far.
  • Shaped to make it easy for the child to pick up food with the spoon.

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