Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier Luka Limited Edition

Beco Butterfly II Baby Carrier Luka Limited Editionmagnifier
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The Beco Baby Carrier Butterfly II is a highly functional, stylish, soft structured baby carrier that has several unique features that make it a standout. Natural Mom Gear has the largest selection of Beco Butterfly II Carriers to give you more options for color and style.

Butterfly II Design

In this carrier, the baby is seated between the two pieces of the carrier, or the butterfly. This feature gives parents the comfort of pre-positioning the baby in the carrier before putting it on. Now, with the baby and carrier as one unit, the parent place both the baby and carrier in the right position at once, rather than dealing with wiggling baby in one hand and dangling carrier in the other. This is particularly helpful for parents as they begin wearing their child on their back.

The butterfly design also distributes weight of the child comfortably on your body, with the majority of the weight riding on the hips. When wearing a heavier child, many moms notice the weight feels more balanced, and evenly distributed in the Beco Baby Carrier.

Removable Infant Insert

The carrier comes with a removable infant insert. This piece of fabric seats the newborn a little higher in the carrier, allowing moms to get a close visual connection with their baby. The infant insert allows the newborn to sit comfortably in the carrier, with their legs in any position they prefer, not necessarily spread apart as many other carriers require. Use from 7 lbs. to 15 lbs. Once your baby supports their neck well, this piece can be detached.

Slimmer and narrower fit

The Beco Butterfly II is designed to comfortably fit petite folks, under 5'-0" to bigger folks, over 6'-0". The shoulder straps are positioned so that it rests very well for the petite mom carrying a big baby. The location of the shoulder straps make a big difference when you wear a heavy baby for longer periods. The overall carrier is lightweight and tall with comfortable padding throughout to give great support without adding bulk.

Made in the USA

The carriers are currently made in Costa Mesa, CA. All new models are in organic cotton twill. Machine washable, line dry.

International Beco Customers

Due to manufacturer reselling agreements, we're not allowed to ship Beco Baby Carriers to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, UK, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.
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"Great Product & Customer Service"
by Saundra F.
I bought a Beco Butterfly from Fei and absolutely adore it. I started using it when my little one was 3 months and I am still using it at 11 months (I have even worn my 3 year old on my back in it). I love this product but more importantly the customer service that Fei provided was outstanding. I bought my brother and his wife a Beco for their shower from Natural Mom Gear too. I love this shop!

"Thank you!"
by Lisa Johnson
Wow, talk about quick! I ordered a Beco on Friday night, received an email on Saturday morning saying it was shipped, and received it on Monday morning. Will definitely re-visit this site again in the future for other baby products. Mahalo from Hawaii!

by Michele F
I just received my scooters print beco and LOVE it! It's comfortable, cute, and very well made. Thumbs up.

by Annie
LOVE the Beco and love natural mom resource! fast shipping and wonderful customer service!

by Yayoi
I have received the item about 1week. Thank you for the smooth transaction.I look forward to the chance of dealing also in the future.

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