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Schlori Swim Floats are a refreshing alternative to plastic floaties. Made in Germany, of 100% pure cotton, Schlori is a great eco-friendly, toxin-free choice for your children and the environment. Schlori swim cushions are made of a strong and durable cotton fabric that is resistant to salt, chlorine and heat. They have no valves or vents to break and won't spring a leak the way plastic floaties do. They are one-size fits all, from babies, children to adults, with an adjustable buckle. The innovative design creates float wings, that holds the body in a natural position for swimming while giving the greatest possible freedom of movement. They don't get in the way of natural swimming motion.

Story of Schlori: Schlori was created by swim instructor Marga Jenner in 1936 in Berlin. Marga was a champion swimmer and invented the swim cushions as her own tried and true method of learning to swim. Initially it was only used with her students. Now Schlori is recommended by Germany's foremost swimming schools. For over 50 years the cushions have been manufactured in a small family-owned company in Germany.

SCHLORI means: SCHwimmen Lernen Ohne RIsiko (learning to swim without risk)

Instructions for Use: To inflate, first saturate the tightly-woven canvas material with water. As the material gets wet, the fabric swells with water and creates a near-waterproof enclosure. Then, you make a pocket in a corner, holding it tightly around your lips (visualize blowing a balloon) and blow through the material to fill the inside pocket with air. After you do it once, it's a breeze.

Use: The air inside will escape very slowly, so you may need to give the cushion an extra puff of air for every hour in the water to achieve maximum floatation.

Design: It is designed to allow the user free range of motion with the arms so a beginner can float enough to learn the strokes and not be hindered by the PVC swim arms that inhibit practical stroke learning. These floats are designed to be a helper, offer buoyancy but not enough to let the child simply be bobbing on the water. It actually encourages natural swim motions.


  • One Size Fits All (baby to adult)
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • Made exclusively of material from companies possessing a Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. For a product to earn an Oko-Tex seal it has to pass stringent ecological testing for over 100 harmful substances including pesticides, mercury, formaldehyde, lead and other toxic and poisonous chemicals.
  • Optimal Position For Learning To Swim
  • Arms Free To Make Natural Swimming Movement
  • Recommended by Germany's foremost swimming schools.
  • Excellent for the handicapped
  • Made in Germany

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