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The Bamboo Utensil Set is a joy to use. Eat...naturally!

Add a cutlery set to your table to go along with the rest of your bamboo serving set. Each utensil is hand shaped and burnished from a single piece of bamboo. Made from Certified organic bamboo.

The products are tested and approved for food safety and all packaging material is made from certified sources, 100-percent recycled fiber or is recyclable. It's design with the planet in mind. Bambu provides design solutions made from renewable materials that excite and delight people about sustainable alternatives for modern living. We strive to reduce the impact we place on the earth's resources and take a socially responsible approach to our products, processes and practices. Certified organic bamboo means our bamboo is grown without chemicals and pesticides. We believe it is not just about the end product but about the entire process. Not just about what you make, but about how you make it and under what conditions. And it's not just about your beliefs, but instead about your social and environmental actions. Natural utensils.

The bamboo we source has been Certified Organic. We use no adhesives. These bamboo tools won't scratch your cookware and will stand the test of time. Each utensil is hand shaped from a single piece of bamboo. After shaping, sanding and cleaning, a light food-safe oil is applied.

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