Angel Pack Angel Pack LX Baby Carrier

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Temporarily out of stock $139.00

The AngelPack baby carrier is professionally sewn multiple times for strength and serged for durability and trimness. The straps are padded at the shoulders for comfort and the perfect width to distribute the weight evenly.

It is reversible so you get two baby carriers in one.

Fits XS-XL in women and men sizes. It can carry newborns, toddlers, and premature babies too.

It is made of Top Quality Designer Fabrics and 100% cotton.

Comes in a Black, Beige, Denim, or Brown for the foundation and different color pattern prints to choose from.

Why AngelPack?

  • Stronger and closer bonding between mom and baby.
  • Keeps the baby close to your heart.
  • It reduces muscle strain that can cause pain in the back, hip, and the arm muscles.
  • It provides Hands-Free mobility to complete daily tasks and chores.
  • It allows you to handle and care for multiple children.
  • It allows for better posture for the baby and the parent.
  • It allows for easier and discreet nursing on the go.
  • You will not always need big strollers to push or lift around.
  • It allows for easy shopping and within the aisles.  
  • The baby feels more secure and protected.
  • The child gets a better view of the surroundings for sensory development.
  • The child falls asleep in minutes.


"Angel Pack Makes Twins Do-Able"
by Stormy Wiseman
I have twins and I don't think I could survive without my angelpack soft baby carriers. They are 1 year old and run all over the place. The angelpack allows me to securely and comfortably chase and hold the other. I've used all kinds of carriers, pouches, wraps and mei tais. Angel Pack is the easiest and best hands down. It's the extra set of hands I should have been born with.

by Vanessa Shaughnessy

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