Mommy's Bliss Omega-3 DHA Plus

Mommy's Bliss Omega-3 DHA Plusmagnifier

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Mommy's Bliss Omega-3 DHA Plus provides both mom and baby with a concentrated form of DHA for fetal neural and visual development. DHA also contributes to mental and cardiovascular health in both mother and baby. Omega-3 DHA Plus continues to provide DHA to baby after birth by increasing the available DHA in breastmilk. Our fish oil capsules are free of mercury and heavy metals and contain more DHA than other similar products. Omega-3 DHA Plus also has an enteric coating, allowing it to dissolve in the intestine, leaving no fishy aftertaste during digestion.

Mommys Bliss high potency Omega-3 Fish Oil has been specially formulated for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

    Did You Know That Omega-3 Fish Oil ...

    • Promotes Babys neural and visual development
    • Prevents premature birth and low birth weight babies
    • Improves cardiovascular health for Mom and Baby
    • Improves serotonin levels for mental health

    The demand for DHA in the body increases during pregnancy and a womans DHA levels are likely to remain low for nine to 12 months after delivery. Consequently, an adequate intake of DHA and EPA is particularly important during pregnancy and lactation stages.


    • Refined Fish Oil Concentrate (Anchovy, Sardine)
    • Gelatin
    • Glycerin
    • Purified Water
    • Mixed Natural Tocopherols

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