Baby Bottle Silicon Nipples Medium

Baby Bottle Silicon Nipples Mediummagnifier

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Kid Kanteen Baby Nursing Nipples are made of medical-grade silicone. The design was developed in conjunction with IBLCE certified lactation consultants to ensure that it was made with a natural shape, texture, and feeding rate so that your baby can enjoy a relaxed meal at a natural pace. Have peace of mind knowing that your baby is avoiding the stress associated with inappropriately fast flow-rates, and protected from the risks associated with estrogenic-plastics. You don't need to compromise while getting your nursing break.

The nipple is more than 2 inches in diameter at the base and has variable thicknesses so it feels more like the real thing. As your baby sucks, the long nipple adjusts, mimicking the way a human breast reshapes during breastfeeding, ensuring proper placement in the mouth, and promoting correct oral development and healthy teeth. The nipple also features a double venting system, which is designed so your baby is swallowing liquid, not air, helping reduce colic and promoting healthy digestion. The silicone nipples are available in slow flow, medium flow, and fast flow rates.

To maximize the effective performance of the Nipples one-way air transfer valves, please remember to always shake the Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle from side-to-side, instead of up-and-down. Also, be sure to squeeze the Nipple with clean hands after heating the contents. This will counter any increase in internal pressure caused by the warming process and ensure that the one-way air transfer valves have settled in to their intended concave shape.

Silicone Nipples (2-packs)

3 flow rate options:
  • slow flow (0-6 mos)
  • medium flow (6+ mos)
  • fast flow (9+ mos)

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