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Plus One Stroller by Mountain Buggy redefines the way a double stroller can be inline. The innovative design offers an ingenious inline system where the second seat is within the original fabric set, by providing seat elevation for the second child. This allows the parent pushing the stroller to gain stride length, not bumping their knee into the second seat of a child seated under the first.

The Plus One comes as a complete bundle which includes the buggy, inline seat and cocoon: perfect for a growing family. The full adaptability and functionality of the buggy is apparent in its 8 different configurations:
  • newborn: carrycot, travel system, lie flat and cocoon
  • 1 toddler: toddler upright, upright with storage
  • 1 toddler, 1 newborn: 1 seat upright, 1 cocoon
  • 2 toddlers: 2 seats upright
  • Mountain Buggys key mantra is life without limit which means total freedom with children. So get ready to take on the world with the Plus One: the urban active, inline.
Includes Second Seat and Cocoon

  • For newborn until approximately 5 yrs.
  • Holds up to 44 lbs. per seat
  • Stroller Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Stroller Width: 25"

    This particular design concept was fuelled by strong consumer feedback which indicated that parents of two kids wanted the option to elevate the second child and gain stride length. For some time now, weve been developing a Mountain Buggy inline solution, says lead +One designer Andrew Mawson, "We firmly believed that we could come up with a concept that allows both children to be on the same level without compromising the all important Mountain Buggy safety and simplicity of design. And we know weve finally cracked it“ not only does this solution deliver a great two child buggy, but it also offers an amazingly practical single child and massive storage option. The engineering of the Plus One is second to none as Mawson explains, "To ensure the Urban Jungle platform can safely support a second child, we had to make some adjustments to the frame geometry. The wheelbase has been lengthened a little to achieve better rearward stability, and the centre of gravity lowered slightly. We also modified the rear subframe to give greater rigidity and strength. This, in combination with a reshape of the top crossbar, has given us a fantastic new chassis to take on the others in the inline category, without the pitfalls inherent in having a low second seat position." Other new features that appear on the +one include the superior sunhood with its adjustable height as well as zip mesh extension giving full coverage to both children, the one hand quick fold and frame fold auto lock.

    FAQ Things you wanted to know about the Plus One:
  • Can the second seat fit other current mountain buggies? No it can't. Though the +one has been designed on top of the urban jungle platform, we still had to make modifications and changes to the chassis to ensure stability and safety for the child, and this meant altering the seat area to fit the second seat
  • How much space is there between the newborn in the cocoon and the toddler in the front seat? The +one passes all safety standards in all its configurations, and one of the main tests was to ensure that the newborn's head was in no way compromised by the older child sitting in the front. We have designed a 'stopper bar' which attaches to the frame behind the toddler seat preventing excess seat flex and further protecting a lying infant behind. The length has been carefully measured to fit the newborn in its cocoon and we are satisfied that the findings have been 100% safe for your child
  • Is there enough leg space for the second child in the back? There is indeed enough leg space for your child! The seat is deep enough for your child to ride comfortably and not be at all crammed in the back. There is a footwell which is at the base of the buggy which you just need to unzip and pop out, and this is your child's feet rests. Great thing about this is that their feet doesn't sit amongst your precious cargo when shopping! Tried and true!
  • Can the sun canopy fit over both children? Don't let images fool you: you'll be surprised by how much we have redesigned our already popular follow the sun canopies. Along with the flick out mesh sun visor, this canopy has zip mesh extensions for ultimate coverage for both children as well as the ability to alter the height of the canopy on the frame for the taller child.
  • How do you put the child in the back seat? You will need to lift your child into the second seat.
  • What capsules/car seats can I use the +one with: The +one shares the same travel systems as the Urban Jungle and Terrain.
  • Can I see the baby in the cocoon? Yes you certainly can, as it sits snug in the rear of the buggy and is rear facing.
  • Does the +One fold in the standard Mountain Buggy style? It folds the same into an upright standing position - 109 (H) 39 (D).
  • What is the age for the +one cocoon? Newborn to 6 months.
  • Can you tell us what the current footwell looks like and what is recommended for cleaning if it is indeed fully enclosed? The footwell is enclosed. Mountain Buggy seats are quick to take off and on, so cleaning remains the same as we describe in the instructions.
  • Do the seats recline? In single mode - reclines like the urban jungle (full recline to upright). toddler and cocoon - front child has slight recline 2 x toddlers - slight recline in the front seat. No recline in the back.
  • Is there a preferred seating arrangement for the younger / older children in 2 x toddler mode? It's up to the parents preference as both seats have 20kg weight capacity, however, the taller child in the back will allow for greater height clearance for them to see from the back seat.
  • Why is there a change to the suspension location on the +One vs Urban Jungle? The top suspension location is geared to create more cushioning for the seat more than the frame. This will likely to roll in across the range.
  • Can the freerider be used when the +one is in 2 x toddler mode? So you can take 3 kids? It can fit, however there are compromises like the handle on the freerider needs to be removed and the sunhood would need to be moved down the frame to allow for the child's head to fit between the seat and handle bar. We would recommend the freerider to be used in single mode for more ease and comfort.
  • Will the +one sunhood fit on a Urban Jungle? Yes it can! Though it will appear bigger because the Urban Jungle has a shorter frame than the +one.
  • Can you fold it with second seat? Yes it is possible, though it is not as flat as without the second seat in place.
  • Can you purchase the cocoon separately? No, not at this stage.
  • Is the carrycot for +One the exact same as the urban jungle? Yes

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    "love it!!!!!!"
    I have a two year old and a three month old, they both fit perfectly! Natural mom gear was quick and did not play game with preorder requests like another place that I have been patiently waiting for the stroller to arrive since the middle of august.

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