Tushies Gel-Free Natural Diaper

Tushies Gel-Free Natural Diapermagnifier
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For over a decade patented Tushies Diapers have been the Only Gel-Free Baby Disposable Diapers in the World.

Tushies is the only baby disposable diaper that contains real cotton. Cotton is blended with TCF-Totally Chlorine Free woodpulp fluff.

Tushies was created for babies with sensitive skin and for moms and dads who don't want a superabsorbent near their babies skin.

You will not find Tushies Gel-Free Diapers in mass discount stores.

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by Jeff Cobb
quick delivery, overall as advertised. Thanks.

I love my Tushies because I know I'm putting just cotton next to my baby's skin 24/7. I was using Costco Kirkland diapers for a while but hated the chemical smell. Then I read on the box, (written like warnings on cigarette packs), that they have "mild cosmetic ingredients in their diapers to help keep skin soft and healthy looking: petrolatum, ozokerite." That sounds pretty scary. I'm glad I'm not putting those chemicals next to my baby's skin and private parts!

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