Belle Baby Carrier Organic Earth

Belle Baby Carrier Organic Earthmagnifier

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Manufacturer: Belle Baby Carriers
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The Belle Baby Carrier is a stylish, comfortable, ergonomic front baby carrier. Most mainstream structured carriers put your entire baby's weight on your back and shoulders, resulting in pain and fatigue in short order. The Belle Baby Carrier instead distributes your baby's weight to your hips, allowing you to wear your baby comfortably and for longer periods of time.
  • Ideal for babies 8 lbs - 30 lbs
  • Baby can face toward or away from you
  • Allows for direct contact and discreet nursing

Worn by the likes of Julia Roberts (as seen in People magazine), the Belle Baby Carrier is made of only the highest quality materials. The Belle Baby Carrier Company is committed to supporting the US economy and the world's environmental resources. Their products include an organic collection made of 100% organic cotton and hemp, and environmentally friendly dyes. The packaging is all recyclable cardboard, and all Belle Baby Carriers have a waist belt ring made from yoga mat remnants that would have otherwise headed for the landfill.

This environmentally conscious carrier was designed by two fathers and outdoor enthusiasts with extensive experience in the design and engineering end of the climbing industry. The extreme attention to product safety and function required of mountain climbers is translated into the Belle Baby Carrier, which was named for both father's daughters: Isabel and Isabelle.

Instead of outsourcing the production of the product that bears their daughters' names, the creators of Belle Baby Carriers have kept their corporate headquarters, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution all in Colorado. They directly supervise quality control and materials, as well as labor standards. As a continuation of their commitment to the community, Belle Baby Carriers recently donated 39 new carriers to their local Children's Hospital, promoting the philosophies of babywearing and attachment parenting with new parents.

Those new parents will likely find the Belle Baby Carrier extremely easy to use without any assistance or learning curve. And a baby carrier that's easy to use is one that will be frequently worn. Obviously designed by outdoors enthusiasts, the Belle Baby Carrier is extremely streamlined and lightweight, compact and easy to stow away in a diaper bag, and cool in warm weather.

The Belle Baby Carrier is versatile, ideal for infants from 10 pounds up to 25 pound toddlers. Your baby can face toward you when needing to be soothed and guarded from stimulation, and in this position, you can even nurse discreetly. In this position, a slightly loose waist belt allows your baby to rest lower in the carrier, with their head supported. And once your baby can hold their head up, they can face out in the Belle Baby Carrier. The waist belt can be adjusted so that their chin is above the top of the carrier, and rolling the front edge of the carrier provides a soft surface for your baby's chin. In this position, your little mountain-climber-in-training will be able to check out all the sights from a much more interesting angle than if they were stuck in a stroller.

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