Phil & Teds Classic Inline Buggy

Phil & Teds Classic Inline Buggymagnifier

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Condition: New
Price: $369.99

Phil & Teds Classic Inline Buggy is the ultimate adaptability, not compromising quality or features. Great value at a nice price. It is the only stroller you'll need from newborn to 4+ yrs. Suitable for 2 kids (with second seat)

For the newborn the stroller can lay flat for baby to nap, or accommodate a carseat (with adapter), or be used with a Phil & Teds peanut bassinet. As your child grows, and you have a new addition to the family, the same stroller, in the same footprint, can accommodate a second seat in several positions: either above the regular seat, which frees the regular full-recline seat for the infant, or behind the regular seat for 2 toddlers.

When the older toddler is pedaling alongside the stroller, the second seat can be used for storage, even for larger items like the trike, when your toddler runs off to play. Comes in Black, with potential for Apple, Red or Navy with interchangable liner.

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