Siwak Dentibrush - Natural Toothbrush

Siwak Dentibrush - Natural Toothbrushmagnifier
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The Salavadora root is known to prevent tooth decay, assist in eliminating toothaches and prevent further increase of decay which has already set in, boost the immune system, eliminate bad odors and improve the sense of taste, sharpen the memory, help cure or relieve headaches, and assist in digestion. This root naturally contains many ingredients that create an antimicrobacterial effect and are active against cariogenic bacteria frequently found in the human oral cavity.

The chemical analysis of Salvadora persica has shown it contains trimethylamine, salvadorine, chlorides, fluoride in large amounts, silica, sulphur, vitamin C, and small quantities of tannins, saponins, flavenoids, and sterols.

Each box contains one root, vacuumed sealed for maximum freshness and effectiveness.

Instructions: Brush the teeth and gums as with a regular toothbrush with no tooth paste. Use after meals or any time during the day.

Ingredients: Salvadora persica root.


by david

by Christopher R Green
Great store!

by Crissy Fleetwood
LOVE the Siwak!!!!! Excellent product and quick shipping.

Love it! My mouth feels so fresh afterwards!

I wanted to tell you that the Siwak you gave us is really a good one, very good quality !

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