A Mercy to the Worlds

A Mercy to the Worldsmagnifier

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"Through light-hearted and gentle storytelling that inspires love and longing for Allah and His Messenger, Ms. Sinclair introduces children to Muhammad, may Allah bless him and give him peace. She verifies for them, in a way appropriate to their needs, that Islam is the culmination of the Message of Allah, a message that opened with Adam, peace upon him, and was sealed with Muhammad, may Allah bless him and give him peace, renewed through time and purified from human alteration by the prophets in between, peace upon them one and all."

-Sheikh Nuh al-Qudat, former Mufti of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Through detailed descriptions and a lively voice Ms. Sinclair brings the stories of Prophet Muhammad alive for adults and children alike. Stories include Abdul Muttalib finding Zamzam, Abdul Muttalib asking Allah for 10 children, Birth of Prophet Muhammad, Blessings upon Halima as she accepted Muhammad as a nursling, Angels opening Muhammad's pbuh heart and cleansing it:

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 He hears our Salams
  • 3 The Long Lost Waters of ZamZam
  • 4 The Newly-Found Waters of ZamZam--A Flashback
  • 5 A Vow Honored
  • 6 Sad News and Happy News
  • 7 The Fulfillment of a Great Promise
  • 8 Un-numbered Grains of Sand
  • 9 The Milk Mother Halima
  • 10 A Strange Happening
  • 11 A Joyful Visit
  • 12 Tribulations
  • 13 A New Beginning

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