Papoose Coat Large

Papoose Coat Largemagnifier

Ships in: 0-1 days
Condition: New
Manufacturer: ERGOBaby
Price: $145.99

Wear your baby while you both stay warm and dry in ERGObaby's new Papoose Coats! With a lighter fabric design for spring or fall, and a heavier, warmer design for cold winters, there is an ERGObaby Papoose Coat for all climates.

The Lighter Papoose Coat is designed for cold weather. The sleek, body-forming design creates a non-bulky fit while baby is in the front or back position, and the double row of buttons on the front yoke enables Mom to wear the coat on its own. The back has a zippered flap for baby in the back position that can be closed when not in use. The liner and outer layer of the coat are made of breathable fabric, and there are slit pockets on each side. Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

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