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Henna Penna is a new and unique body art pen. Each pen contains the equivalent of 11 lbs. (5 kg) of 100% natural henna powder extract and can make up to 80 hand tattoos. It helps you create beautiful temporary tattoos quickly and easily, without the time-consuming process of traditional henna.

Designs will literally dry within minutes and stay on your skin for up to 7 days. Let it dry for at least 3 hours for best results. Designs can be made to last longer if reapplied.
The length of time the design stays on varies depending on your skin type, environmental conditions and which part of the body HennaPenna is applied to.
Designs with the colors Emerald, Red, Brown and Black stays on for about 3-4 days shorter than the Natural Color. To prolong your tattoo, avoid washing and scrubbing of the tattoo area.

It is safe and easy to use, and can be great fun even for children.

It is recommended for those with sensitive skin to test on a small area first.

All ingredients are 100% natural and have been tested on volunteers and is for all skin types.

Henna Design
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial additives or colors
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free from PPD guaranteed
  • 100% natural ingredients
Henna Penna hand design, completed in 8 mins including dry time

Ingredients: Henna, Water, Tea Tree Oil, and other natural plant extracts.

Henna Penna comes in 5 different exciting colors

Ruby Red
Jasper Brown
Black Onyx
Recommended is not to apply Henna Penna on top of any other makeup/balm/moisturize etc.


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"Worse than a sharpie"
by Jim Mclemore
This is worse than using a sharpie. It bled so that my design was not even close to crisp or recognizable. It faded very quickly. I have drawn on myself with a permanent marker before and had better results.

by ayesha
beutifill henna desig

by Lennie
Thank you so much for the fast shipping!!!

by Timmothy Ropkins

"This is Henna?"
by DrGraceG
I have bought these pens and when I tried to use them nothing is coming out. I posted a comment before but I guess you don't post the truth. The product is almost dried out and it's like a Marker, it doesn't resemble Henna in feeling or smell. Rip off. Comment: Please contact us and we'll send your replacement pens if you think they are defective

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