Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddling Blanket Purple with Mint Trim

Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddling Blanket Purple with Mint Trimmagnifier
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The Gift of Sleep

If you, or someone you know, have ever had the experience of bringing home a beautiful new baby boy or girl, only to find within a couple of weeks you are not able to sleep because baby has colic, you know the value of something to aide baby and parents in a night's sleep. Invaluable!

There is nothing worse than trying to meet a baby's needs with no sleep. This can become very frustrating for parents, especially first time parents, who pictured all of the glamour of a new baby, without knowing sometimes it is not all silver lining - sometimes those lines form around your eyes, not the clouds, as you long for just one good night's sleep and it doesn't come ... for weeks or months.

The inventor of The Amazing Miracle Blanket has been there. Two out of three of their children had colic. Their first child kept them drained physically and mentally for the first three months of life. Their third child, who also suffered from colic, had the pleasure of being a test model for dad's new invention - The Amazing Miracle Blanket. Once this was put in use, baby slept great through the night.

Now they share this wonderful product with all of us. What a wonderful gift this is to bring to parents everywhere. Their website shares many thanks from parents who have tried this great product and have found it to be the only thing that helped their baby sleep.

The Amazing Miracle Blanket is so very soft. Made of 100% soft cotton knit, it is constructed in a solid manner that shows it will last and last. There are no buttons, velcro or other fasteners to worry about or to scratch baby. There are simply flaps to fold into place and then wrap them up snuggly for a good nights sleep.

Easy care instructions and a product you will wonder how you lived without.

If you have a baby on the way - don't wait until you wish you had this product yesterday - order ahead and be ready! Even the baby that has no colic will find a better nights sleep with this blanket - and for those who do end up with colic, it simply doesn't get better!

Great to buy as a shower gift. First time mom's may wonder about it when they first see it, but once they use it, they will know you bought this one out of care for them and baby.

Many other cultures have used this technique for centuries. In America it has always been viewed as a mystery and seemed like an art form, because it was always explained as a hard technique to learn. Now the swaddling technique has been made into an easy to maneuver accessory that every baby will enjoy and every mother will be thankful for.

  • Many colors to choose from
  • Made of 100% soft cotton knit
  • Dye-Free, Natural, Unbleached fabric available
  • Easy care instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Light but warm fabric
  • Swaddles them without causing overheating
  • A life saver for parents of fussy babies

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"Swaddling blanket that really works"
by mom of twins
The Miracle Swaddling Blanket really works! At night I wrap the twins in it and sleep soundly knowing they will stay wrapped up the whole time. If we wrap them in a regular blanket they will wiggle free sooner or later. The blanket is a bit thin for winter so I dress them in a warm top then wrap them tight. The 100% cotton material is very soft and stays that way even after washing.

"Very quick shipping. Loved it! "
by Danielle L. Allen

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