Free Hand Mei Tai Nest Embroidered

Free Hand Mei Tai Nest Embroideredmagnifier

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Your dreams are important, having children hasn't changed that, but now you need to be more creative about achieving them. Sometimes you just need a free hand. The FreeHand Baby Carrier will help you getting just that! You just cant help but love the stylish prints the Freehand Mei Tais come in. Perfect for a walk around the park, shopping downtown or hiking. Get your freedom and your life back with the Freehand Mei Tai carrier, a plus your baby will love traveling out and about being so close to you.

The shoulder straps are made of a stretchy elastic material, unique to the Freehand. This give the Freehand a unique and different baby wearing experience.

Carry 3 different ways:

  • Hip
  • Front
  • Back
What will you do with your free hands?

About Mei Tais

The Freehand Mei Tai (Asian Baby Carrier) is adopted from a Chinese-inspired idea that makes holding your little one on your front, back or hip as safe, as it is comfortable. The weight distribution of the Freehand Mei Tai makes wearing your baby more cozy and delightful than you ever imagined - and for longer periods of time.

The design is simple and allows you to put on or take off your baby, quickly, easily, and safely.

Why push your warmth-seeking little one in a stroller when you can carry him or her comfortably for hours in the cozy cocoon-like Freehand? Youll love feeling baby so close and your little one will enjoy being near you throughout the day. Ditching the stroller and opting for a stroll with the Freehand Mei Tai is a great way to bond with you baby and enjoy lots of fun activities

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