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To-Go Ware CONSERVE Utensil Set Wheatmagnifier
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The unique holder for this utensil set has been produced by CONSERVE, an NGO project in Delhi. It is made entirely of recycled plastic! CONSERVE employs ragpickers to collect discarded plastic bags and repurposes them into incredible designs and products. And the Newsprint style actually contains recycled newspaper as well -- you may get a scandalous headline from the gossip pages embedded in your wrap . . .

This To-Go Ware Utensil set is a toolkit to help you reduce your ecological footprint and keep you connected to the world. Enjoy eating with natural utensils made of bamboo, a highly durable and sustainable resource that can be grown and harvested sustainably. "Throwaway" plastic cutlery feeds the landfill and is harmful to the environment. By purchasing this set you have helped to employ an incredible group of individuals and made a positive impact to our global community.

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"Not what I expected"
by Stephanie
The fabric is of an oil cloth like material and is very stiff. It is so stiff that the snaps don't stay snapped. The cover doesn't cover the entire set, there is an open side that would allow the "knife" to come in contact with things in your bag. The utensils are a nice weight and are soft to the touch, but only the fork and chopsticks are really usable. The spoon and knife are more like paddles rather than their respective implements. I wish I had gone with one of the cheaper sets as I think the case would be much more to my liking.

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