Moby Wrap 'D'eluxe-Symbol, Black/Moss

Moby Wrap 'D'eluxe-Symbol, Black/Mossmagnifier
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Manufacturer: Moby Wrap
Price: $59.95

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Deluxe versions of the Moby Wrap with the same great comfort as the original, Moby Ds feature contrasting fabric front panels in two choices: Woven cotton for firmer support or Stretch 95% cotton/5% spandex with eye-catching silkscreened images. Moby D styles can be used for all holds.


by GzgsomeiwOgIsEnLA
I loved our Moby and used it with our son until he was at least 7 months old. Then we siwcthed to the Storchenweige which I used with him every day until he was 11 months (and he was a big kid 96th in height and 89th in weight all the way through after that, we siwcthed to a Bamberoo aCustom made soft carrier like the Lillebaby but with a higher back for more support.

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