18oz Klean Kanteen Prevention Purple

18oz Klean Kanteen Prevention Purplemagnifier
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Grown-ups love the 18 oz bottle for its compact, easy-to-carry, lightweight size that slips into bags, cup-holders, and even the waterbottle cage on your bike. But we’ve nicknamed it the Kid Kanteen because it’s designed for smaller hands, which has made it the top choice of our younger users.

As kids do, they’ve come up with all kinds of fun names for their Klean Kanteens. Our favorites include “earth bottle,” “world bottle,” and “my good-for-me bottle.”

We love the fact that Klean Kanteen kids understand that every bottle we make is body- and earth-friendly; because every Klean Kanteen is made from 100% recyclable, high-quality, food grade stainless steel that’s toxin and BPA-free. Your Klean Kanteen doesn’t have to have a special lining like some other metal bottles, and it won’t ever leach nasty tastes or chemicals into your drinks – no matter how many years you use it.

The large-mouth design makes it easy to pour in ice cubes, chunky veggie soup, or a smoothie packed with frozen strawberries. It’s also easy to clean – just scrub it out with white vinegar and baking soda (or mild soap and water), or load it in the dishwasher.

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"Best Bottle Ever!"
by Stephen Chen
I have bought 3 of these from naturalmomresources so far and it isn't because I had to replace them. These stainless steel bottles are the best things out there and make great gifts. They can be used to store a variety of liquids retaining its original taste if not better. Most of all they pay for themselves after 15 uses! Trust me this is coming from a college student with a budget! I practically get free water bottles for drinking on campus, the gym, work, etc..! This store is the best place to get them for! My business with Fei has been nothing but wonderful in terms of purchasing these Kanteens as she was able to assist me in the ordering process for 3 of these bottles with different accessories- something that is not available in most websites offering Klean Kanteens, including the manufacturer's own in-house online store)

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