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The OkkaTots Baby Carrier is the best front facing baby carrier we've seen ever! It hold tons of convenience features and is very competitively priced.

The Okkatots Baby Carry System offers the following features:

  • Carry baby facing in or out
  • Carries babies new born to 25lbs
  • Waist belt for distributing babies weight on your hip. No more sore shoulders and back for us that have used Baby Bjorn. Waist belt included and comes with a pocket and an attachment for keys.
  • Made of 100% Eco cotton
  • Extend-to-tend (Lean baby back while in the carrier. See below for details)
  • Attaches to a mall shopping cart
  • Custom fits your growing baby
  • Pouch goes on easily like a diaper
  • Easy three steps: Fit you, fit baby, fit together.
  • JPMA certified. OkkaTots has gone through rigorous JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association) certification to meet the requirement of ASTM- F-2236 Soft Infant Carrier Standard.
  • Chiropractor recommended
  • Machine washable
  • 2 year manufacturer's workmanship warranty

In Facing

When a mother holds her young baby, she naturally brings him up against her chest and holds him close. There are many documented benefits for young babies held this way. Okkatots front baby carrier system is designed to carry your baby high enough that your baby can rest his head against your chest in a natural position, fully supported against your body.

Many babies prefer to be held chest to chest, heart to heart. It is calming for a baby, helps regulate breathing and heartbeat. It builds core body strength and balance. It is easier for babies to release swallowed air (burp!) and keep milk down. Babies are also able to regulate their responses to the world around them. They take their cues from the parent's response.

Baby Pouch Removal

With two ways to remove a sleeping baby from the Okkatots front baby carrier. You choose how best to keep your baby asleep.

The pouch can be detached with your baby still in it. Then, once you little one is comfortably asleep in a crib, the Pouch can be removed by releasing the waist buckle and sliding the pouch from your baby. This method retains your baby's body heat, preventing sudden exposure to cold air.

If keeping baby's body heat in is not an issue then the top part of the carrier can be disconnected, the pouch waist belt released and the Pouch pealed down freeing your baby to be placed down to sleep.

Out Facing

As your baby grows the carrier expands but still holds your baby close. Once your baby can hold both head and shoulders up and wants to engage more with the world, the head of the pouch can be folded down, or your baby can be turned around to face out.

The baby remains fitted in the pouch which is simply turned around and reattached. When facing out, the baby is still held close to the parent's body for support.

Babies are usually delighted when turned facing out. They kick their legs, love looking in the mirror, hold a pacifier, toy or food, interact with other people almost at their level and can be fed as if in a high chair. Babies just love it!

For convenience when out and about your baby can be placed in the pouch after the pouch is attached to the shoulder harness.


A unique feature of the Okkatots front baby carrier system are the shoulder harness straps. Not only do these straps keep your baby snug against your body, they also allow you to adjust baby's closeness to you. This means that if your baby is restless while in the carrier, the straps can be extended, allowing him to see your face and interact with you without being removed from the carrier.

Eye contact with you is critical for your baby's developing sense of worth and security. The Okkatots front baby carrier lets you chat with your baby and make eye contact if he or she gets restless. By extending these straps, you can also increase air flow around your baby when needed.


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My very fashionable daughter travels world-wide, so, at her request, I gave her the red backpack and she is crazy about it. It will hold everything and more for their long flight to Australia. It is comfortable but above all LOGICAL! Recommended for moms and dads who need both hands AND 'stuff'.

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