New Native 100% Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Garden Party

New Native 100% Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Garden Partymagnifier

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New Native Organic Cotton Baby Carriers are an easy, compact and stylish carrier - ideal for newborn to 35 lbs. Each carrier includes an instructional DVD.

Choosing a Size

New Native carriers are non-adjustable they are sized to fit the parent or adult who will be carrying the child. Most parents need to be fitted for his or her own carrier. Carriers are 100% cotton and are not pre shrunk. Please wash for true size.

It is helpful if you can take one measurement of each parent's chest. Place the measuring tape above the bust, under the armpits and all the way around the torso.
(This is not your bra size, although pre-pregnancy bra size is a useful factor when determining sizing)

In addition to this measurement several factors are taken into consideration when determining size, especially for those of you measuring on the border between sizes. Please consider the following:
  • Where are you in your pregnancy or how old is your baby? If you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy or have a newborn you may need to drop an inch or so off of your above the bust chest measurement to compensate for expected weight loss.
  • Your height. This affects how long the carrier will be on your torso. Depending on torso length Very tall people can wear more than one size. Very short people may need to go smaller.
  • Your pre-pregnancy weight. This affects how you will bring the carrier up on your torso by filling out the carrier width wise. Also, do you carry most of your body weight up top or on the lower part of your body?
  • Do you have broad or narrow shoulders? If you have broad shoulders or a big bust or if you are dad with a big chest you might fill the carrier up a little more width wise. People with narrow shoulders may want to lean toward a smaller size.
  • Do you have a long or short torso? If you have a short torso you may need a smaller carrier. If you have a long torso you may have more options.
  • Fitted t-shirt size. Carrier size generally corresponds to your normal pre-pregnancy fitted t-shirt size in combination with the other factors mentioned above.

We realize that proper fit is essential to a successful contact carrying experience. It is important to us that you get the correct size. For this reason, you can exchange at any time. There is no time limit on exchanges.
Carrier Fit:
Our aim in sizing is to determine which carrier will fit most comfortably for the parent and most securely for the child. To do this you'll want the bulk of the baby's weight to be carried in your center of gravity, which is where the body naturally distributes the weight of the baby when it's inside of you. This is the most comfortable place for your body to carry large amounts of weight for long periods of time. The carrier hangs within the center of your gravity when the lowest part of the carrier (with the baby in it) reaches below your belly button but, above the crease of your leg where it bends at your torso, and ideally right in between these two points.

If you have the correct size and are wearing the carrier correctly, you should get a sense that your baby feels safe and secure inside the pouch and that it is comfortable on you. Please call our customer service professionals with any questions or concerns at 800/646-1682.
We are happy to help.


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