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100% natural Kapok filled pillows are the organic, hypoallergenic alternative to down pillows. This new Kapok pillows have a luxurious silk look and feel. The Kapok fiber comes from a renewable source, kapok is harvested from the flower seedpods of the ceiba fruit tree. This tree, known for its medicinal uses, also provides food, shelter and transportation for its ecosystem, including man. It is 8 times lighter than cotton and has a uniquely down-like quality without the allergic discomforts often caused by down.

This fiber is very similar to silk making the pillow feel soft inside. It compresses easily and rebounds slowly, preventing pressure on the ear.

Covered in European Organic Cotton Damask for an attractive and durable pillow.

Please note that the fiber is not organically certified but the cover is.


  • Child 14x20"
  • Boudoir 12.5x16"
  • Standard 20x25"
  • Queen 20x30"
  • King 20x35"
  • Euro 26x26"
  • Body Pillow 9x60"

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