Certified Organic Zip-Off Outer Woolie Ball Pillow

Certified Organic Zip-Off Outer Woolie Ball Pillowmagnifier

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What are our certified organic woolie balls? Certified organic woolie balls, are simply, certified organic wool which is pre-compressed into little balls. This results in a slightly more supportive pillow, which does not compress like your average wool. If one were to describe this pillow it would be described as firm and supportive.

Our woolie balls are certified organic with certified organic processing. The outer is a sturdy certified organic cotton damask outer, perfect for holding these woolie balls in.

This pillow comes in various fill weights and various pillow sizes, look at our drop down menu for available fill weights and pillow sizes. Additionally, this pillow features a zip outer which allows for one to adjust the fill to their liking, and if ever needed, wash the pillow outer. To wash the pillow outer, just remove the woolie balls and place the empty outer into the wash, please note this will shrink the outer slightly. For side sleepers we recommend medium fill and for back and stomach sleepers we recommend light fill. If one has very broad shoulders and sleeps on their side, they may want to consider heavy fill. For assistance with finding the right pillow for you please call or email us.

Our Woolie Ball Pillows are made in the USA right here at our facility in San Diego. The woolie balls are also from the USA and are from the same supplier as our regular wool and the Organic Cotton Damask outer fabric is made in Germany.

3 year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Standard 20x25" Queen 20x30" King 20x35"

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